Who we are.

iPURtech designs, develops and produces air and liquid purification systems that vastly improve on standard industry technology.

Following successful research and small scale testing, a European Horizon 2020 grant was won, enabling 2 years of research into upscaling a small unit to cope with much higher wastewater flows. This research has now been completed and larger units designed and tested.

We are now looking to form partnerships with companies who would like to add this new technology into their current remedies / portfolio of equipment.


A breath of fresh air.

The iPURtech air purification system breaks down airborne chemicals by passing them over a catalyst under a matched UV source. The UV light excites the catalyst to create very active oxidising agents which are able to breakdown unwanted particles into simpler non-toxic chemicals.

Substances that can be removed include

  • Odours

  • Toxic gases

  • Ammonia

  • Soot

  • Nitrous oxides (vehicle exhausts),

This technology provides the most economic, low maintenance way of dealing with gaseous nuisance gasses and odours in comparison with standard technologies.

The alternative, well tried technologies, require either regular material replacement, (carbon granules), the provision of masking sprays (using many barrels of material per annum) or a very expensive swimming pool size pit full of bacteria impregnated wood bark.

No company currently selling the standard solutions would be interested in a solution that requires no fresh material top ups and only requires annual servicing.


Spring clean.

The iPURtech patented liquid purification system kills bacteria in very cloudy liquids with UV light using just 10-15% of the power normally needed by conventional UV systems.

This allows the pasteurisation of liquids such as orange juice, ciders, and hydroponic feed liquids without changing the taste or quality of the liquids being processed. For standard systems to produce the same level of pasteurisation the High UV doses would “burn” the product vastly impacting the liquid.

This system opens up a way to use UV bacteria control in markets where they have never previously been accepted, especially the beverage industry in particular.

This technology could be an add-on to the portfolio of a UV system manufacturer or require a well-funded marketing drive.


Our Partners

We are currently partnered with a selection of companies who are selling and installing our products on our behalf.

If you wish to partner with us please contact

For information on our partners and how to purchase our systems please see below.


Condorchem Envitech

Condorchem Envitech is a Catalan company who seek out the best new technology for existing problems in the "waste" industries.

They recently spotted our NOx reduction system for air.


Multinational UV Company

Our Liquid Purification system is currently being tested by a large multinational company, to be announced soon, who are using it to pasteurise water based liquids.


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