iPURtech have developed, tested and patented our unique iPUR-Cat system for the destruction of unwanted BACTERIA and ORGANIC WASTE in any turbid (> 500 NTU) or clear waste-water streams. 


Our system provides high UV-C doses inside a quartz chamber, kept clean by our a patented LIQUID REVOLUTION and catalyst element.


There are no moving parts in the unique design which enables the UV-C to act on every layer of the liquid while the organic destruction rate is accelerated by the catalyst.

The iPUR-Cat filter can be married up with our range of particle and oil filters to form a complete “polishing” system.

Key Applications Include –

  • Metal finishing processes
  • Metalworking fluids, cutting oils etc..
  • Drinks industry
  • Swimming pools to remove chloroamines and bacteria
  • Hydroponic salad systems

Cloudy or clear liquids. Beverages or metalworking fluids.
For highly turbid liquid, (500-600 NTU) flows log4 kill at 2,500 litres /hr.
Clear water kill rate of log4 at 10,000 litres/hr.

In self cleaning unit.

Continual upflow filtration with single motorised valve down-syphon

“After trialling the prototype for iPUR-Cat on a number of our metalworking machines with positive results, we were more than happy to purchase more machines to assist in the constant battle against bacteria in MWF!” Steve Alvey, Technical Manager Bulwell Precision Engineers Ltd