Turbid Fluids

The iPURtech iPUR-Cat range utilises a filter and reactor to remove debris and control micro organic species.

Cloudy Liquids Foodstuff

The iPUR-Cat range, (patent app.) are unique in being able to destroy micro-organic species in cloudy liquids efficiently and at at an “industrial rate.” Two technologies combine so that a catalyst and it’s UV-C initiator both contribute to the destruction rate.

Ideal for process and food-washing water recycling when combined with our range of particle filters and pumps.

Fuel Degradation by Bacteria

We are looking for a partner to take us forward in the field of re-mediation of aviation fuel.

End of Pipe Effluent

Bespoke, correctly sized packages designed to reduce the COD and suspended particle load prior to discharge.

Water board effluent charges double every ten years and this rate is increasing. The reduction of COD & SS will make an impact on the MOGDEN rates so that pay back on purchase is within 2 years. Savings for clients have reached six figures.

Aviation Fuel – Research Partner

We are looking for a research partner to help us develop our bacteria and fungal reactors in the aviation fuel industry where ATEX approvals are paramount.