iPURtech has created a revolutionary liquid purification system, the iPUR-BAC. It uses the power of UV combined with a catalyst to remove bacteria, organic waste and complex organic materials from liquids.

Applications range from metal working fluids to crop washing, brewery waste to hydroponic farming.

The system builds on existing UV technology but improves it with iPURtech’s patented Liquid Revolution design that overcomes many of the problems associated with typical UV systems.

iPURtech's Liquid Revolution DiagramLiquid Revolution Design

Typically UV liquid purification systems use submerged UV lamps within the flow of liquid. This has three major problems:

  1. Systems struggle to cope with high turbidity.
  2. Debris builds up on the quartz, reducing the effectiveness of the UV over time.
  3. The entire system must be disassembled to replace UV lamps.

iPURtech’s patented Liquid Revolution design overcomes all three of these problems. It works by passing the liquid over a catalyst-coated disrupter which effects the flow in three ways.

Liquid Purification Unit Internal View

  1. It creates thin rotating layers of liquid enabling the UV-Catalyst to act on every layer of the liquid.
  2. The Liquid Revolution design creates a counter-flow causing debris to be accelerated at the quartz wall, keeping the system clear and the UV effective without the need for regular servicing. The catalyst augments the bacteria control rate.
  3. The UV lamps are kept external to the liquid flow replacement can be done without taking the whole system offline.


The graph demonstrates the impact that the iPURtech Liquid Revolution System has on the UV-C Dose at every level of UV Transmission compared to standard UV Systems.

Under rigourous laboratory testing the system has been proven to generate a 6-log reduction (10^-6) in liquids inoculated with pediococcus parvulus even when the UV Transmission is at ~13%.

At this level of UV Transmission and a test flow rate of 8 tonnes per hour the UV-C dose equates to 50mj/cm^2. Additionally this dose is kept constant thanks to the self cleaning nature of the system.