Control of bacteria in aqueous metal washing machines, prior to powder coating

Legionnaires disease has now been associated with aqueous spray washers in the metal finishing industry. Addition of biocides does help but requires careful control and attention. iPURtech’s turbid liquid nanoreactor is an alternative control measure which removes some of the problems associated with the storage and control of toxic biocides.

Small nanoreactor controlling bacteria in a 5,000 litre tank at Bosch


Removal of odours which escape from animal and poultry sheds.

The poultry and broiler industry have several environmental and safety issues to overcome.

  • The release of odours including ammonia.
  • The removal of residual formaldehyde vapours following clean downs.
  • Retaining heat in sheds by lowering the need for ventilation.

Ipurtech’s mix of coatings and air purification units based on photocatalysts can tackle these problems in a low on-cost economic way.

Video of Alcoa’s explination of the process..clean air and surface