iPURtech’s Air Purification systems use UV in combination with a catalyst to destroy the root causes of air pollution rather than simply absorbing or disguising them.

From toxic air particles to nuisance odours, our technology helps companies, institutions and governmental bodies combat air pollution.

Odours, toxic gases, ammonia, soot, nitrous oxides (vehicle exhausts), amongst others are all reduced dramatically by our system.

Standalone Air Purification Unit

Air Filter Internal View
Standalone Air Purification Unit Screen

No Absorbing or Disguising

Our combined UV and Catalyst system destroys pollutants rather than absorbing them. This eliminates the need for regular replenishment of the system, as in carbon filters. Masking processes normally increase chemicals in the air and also requires regular, expensive replenishing.

A solution for any problem

Our range of Air Purification products can be adapted to any need. From small stand-alone units in individual rooms to complimenting existing extraction systems. Our range of products can cope with any volume of air.

Low air resistance

The UV Catalyst systems offers much less resistance to air flow than absorption systems, such as carbon and fine mesh filters. This means much less energy required by fans.