Meat Rendering Odours

Meat Rendering sites have historically installed Bio-Reactor Beds or Carbon Absorption Systems or both.

Now we can treat the foul air with iPURtech’s nanoreactor catalytic odour system. Killing odours and ammonia continuously.

No need to replace carbon or use complex ion discharge systems.

Odours in anaerobic digestor food waste reception halls can be controlled with a recirculation of air through an iPURtech nanoreactor. The air in the room is recirculated to save heat or can be vented after the odours are destroyed.

Anaerobic Digestion Sites

Anaerobic Digestion Sites store waste food which can be very odourous.

iPURtech Nanoreactors are a more economic option carbon filtration or biobeds. The air may be recirculated through a nanoreactor or exhausted from the building through a nanoreactor. Destroying odours using a UVC powered catalyst.

  • No absorption like Carbon.
  • No replacement absorbent.
  • No poisoning of bacteria to consider.
  • Just day by day removal of odours.

Ammonia removal

The processing of animal hair created a local shed atmosphere which had an ammonia content of 200ppm. Far too much for a working environment. The air re-circulation through an Ipurtech filter reduced the level to 3ppm average.

No chemical spray masking or odour absorption.