iPURtech manufacture the systems, develop the knowledge and products required to control the unwanted pollution of air, liquid streams and surfaces.The technology is based on the photocatalytic properties of nano-titanium dioxide coatings. Our services are backed up by innovative hardware and the test laboratory function needed for a wide range of industrial processes. We go where other UV systems fear to tread. High turbidity and COD reduction.

Patent List June 2017
Granted – Application number 1302035, Patent Grant number GB2525360

Pending – Patent application number PCT/EP2014/052268

Pending – Patent application number 14/392,065

Pending – Patent application number 2492/MUMNP/2015

Pending – Patent application number 14703069.6

South Africa
Granted – Patent number 2015/05517

Pending – Patent application number 2014214056

iPURtech provides innovative purification technologies…

..for a wide range of air and turbid fluid applications

iPURtech was a winner of the European Horizon 2020 Grant for 2015

..for a wide range of air and turbid fluid applications