iPURtech was formed to exploit the use of a catalyst driven by UV energy as a brand new approach to both air and fluid purification.

Our challenge was to make equipment based on copious evidence from small scale research projects commercially viable.

Following successful research and small scale testing, a European Horizon 2020 grant was won, enabling 2 years of research into upscaling this small unit to cope with much higher wastewater flows. This research has now been completed and larger units designed and tested.

Patent List June 2017
Granted – Application number 1302035, Patent Grant number GB2525360

Pending – Patent application number PCT/EP2014/052268

Pending – Patent application number 14/392,065

Pending – Patent application number 2492/MUMNP/2015

Pending – Patent application number 14703069.6

South Africa
Granted – Patent number 2015/05517

Granted – Patent application number 2014214056

iPURtech was a winner of the European Horizon 2020 Grant for 2015

..for a wide range of air and turbid fluid applications